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Talk about a steep learning curve, thought that when I became a hypnotherapist I could just walk in, click my fingers and someone walked out helped.

How wrong was I,

I wasn’t prepared for the joys of become a recording artist and certainly not blessed with the technical skills to be my own producer/sound engineer. it’s just been a hell of a weekend, but in true Dunkirk spirit we got through it, not sure how and you can actually hear what I say on the final cd’s (well my mum says you can so it must be true)…

but I guess the proof will really be in the pudding, if my non smokers stay non smokers and don’t rush out the door and light up.

But no one has to look on the bright side, they work, so far that’s as far as I’ve got with the bright side, but I’m getting there.
I don’t think I was ready for quite how many buttons, knobs and switches a mixer has and how does the phones socket work if you plug-in the adapter, it kills the right side of the head-set.
I must admit though the thing that I’ve so far found the most baffling,  is the huge array of microphones on sale at your local electrical/stereo store.
What the hell is that about, I always thought that one mic did it all, apparently no, you need one for vocals, if your instrument isnt electric and doesn’t plug straight in you need a different kind of mic and so on, but finally I had all the kit, I was ready to go…

So there I was mixer connected to my laptop, mic in hand and headset on and so I begin, at the press of the red button what could possibly go wrong, I’m an up to date guy I know my way around a computer don’t I.

So with that I start waffling away, the lights are flashing away on the mixer going up and down in time with my voice so after I worked my way through my induction and pressed play and nothing.

Now Simon & Garfunkel may have loved the sound of silence, and made plenty of money from it, and judging from the comments of other people I’ll be getting money thrown at me just to get me to shut the f@#$ up, but when I’ve spent £200 and 25 minutes trying to get my voice down on silicone, silence is the last thing that I want to hear, and after pulling out several hanks of hair, and navigating through an entire help manual, Take 2.

Here we go again flashing lights, mixer levels going up and down in time with my voice, and finally it looks like I’ve now got a squiggly line in my recording software.

So I don’t know about you but I’m just gonna cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Love & light

Andy x