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Ok I apologise but it looks like once again I’m going to be forced to climb on my high horse and have a bloody good rant.

Before I start I will say that this blog isn’t applicable to 99.999% of the decent people who read it, no this one is aimed at someone who has to remain nameless.

Mainly down to a lack of guts on their part, I think that we all agree that the more work you put in to your life/career and the more successful you become the more people want to knock you down at every available opportunity and this is something I can’t understand, but something I find even less understandable is the people who have an opinion, and then go to all the effort of voicing their opinions only to fall at the last fence, and either A/ not sign their email’s or B/ as our hero has chosen, to sign the email in some body else’s name, and to attach someone else’s email address before posting their comment. What a hero…

The only reason I found this is because I forwarded the comment to those concerned and oddly enough the alleged emailer was quite upset, to say the least and it did make me wonder just how nasty it could have been if I had just approved the comment I’m guessing world war three would have been imminent.

And I would have lost at least one friend in the process, the thing is I don’t mind what people want to post on my blog about me or my views, I look at all your comments as a learning experience, your comment could be just the thing I need to shift my perspective or look at a topic from a fresh angle.

But the one thing I will never do, is approve unfounded comments about friends, teachers or colleagues, these are all people I respect whose opinion I value why the hell would I approve a negative comment.

But not only this I do feel a little sorry for person X, because they don’t seem to realise the only credibility they damage is their own, Id like to share with you and Person X a little Tale.

Please stay with me if you’ve heard it, but this is my own twist.

The Boy who cried wolf…

There once was a little boy who had a job watching sheep all day long, now he was quite good at watching sheep but he was jealous and more than a little bit annoyed, because he’d heard stories about this wolf, who wasnt like other wolves, she was a good wolf and she helped people, she made a positive difference to people’s live’s all other the world but for our hero the worst thing was the wolf was not only good at what she did, she was popular and successful.

Our Hero, was so jealous about this he started taking his eye off his flock and one by one his sheep started wandering off and getting lost, but because instead of minding his own business, he kept poking his nose in to the business of the wolf.

But to stop people believing he wasnt that good as a shepherd he ran all around his village blaming the wolf for stealing his flock, now the first few times he told people they believed him and went looking for the wolf but the wolf couldn’t be found and when they did they discovered that she’d spent all her time doing what she did best and was far to busy to go around stealing sheep.

but our hero refused to learn so instead of sucking it in and keeping an eye on his flock and getting more sheep, he spent his time watching the wolf, and running around telling the villagers about how the big bad wolf stole his sheep, but the thing is by now all of the villagers had heard all his tales of the big bad wolf.

But they didn’t believe him, they’d met the wolf, and liked her. and they’d met the boy and heard his tale’s.and the more they ignored him the whinier he got and the more ridiculous his stories became the less they believed a word he said.

And besides the wolf wasnt anywhere near his sheep, she was in L.A filming her new tv series which I think Is called wolves do the funniest thing, she may even be sipping a glass of wine on her luxury yacht while reading my blog, but wherever she is, she’s worked her way to it, and the little boy, well I don’t think he’ll ever grow up, and focus on making his own future great, so he just has to stay minding his decreasing flock, and telling every one he meets,

it should have been me

Love & light

Andy x