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Wow I may have thought the last three months working to qualifying to be a hypnotherapist was hard going, but I’ve now realised the hard work is really about to begin in earnest.

My to do list seem’s to be growing by the minute website, business card, leaflet, therapy room arrgh where do I start, all I can say is thank you Vista-print what would I do with out you.
And its made me realise what an absolute therapy blogging is, without my blog Id be bouncing off the walls, tearing my hair out and screaming the place down.

thankfully so far I’ve managed to sort the website, the business cards and the leaflets, thankfully Sheila gave me a number of her gastric band leaflets, to start with, she is such a generous person and I’ve been able to model my leaflets on them.

Unfortunately, my meeting in London has fallen through because the gym I was hoping to set up in has found out that they may be closing in August which is such a shame as it’s a fantastic gym.

but it does look like I have a room sorted so although I have spent my time since I finished my studies I have been working at my day job and fitting my business around me.

To take inspiration from one thing that Sheila says is give it a try because the worst thing that can happen is Nothing can happen…

Love & light

Andy x