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Ok I admit my target date was wrong, I thought I had another week in March to go on my course, I really thought it was four weeks, maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part but whatever it was I was wrong.

So now sat typing these words is a shiny, newly minted clinical hypnotherapist, and I have to say it was with a huge amount of effort from, Sheila Granger & Rona Insch.

because without these two ladies I would not have been able to keep sane for the last three months. it’s not just The amount of work Sheila put’s in to teaching her students and the amount she gives to every one of us, it’s also the example she set’s that is truly a great model to emulate.

because not only is she trying to impart her knowledge to us and train us the best ways to help our clients, like that weren’t enough she’s seeing client in her lunch break, in the evening and weekend’s when Sheila’s not doing that you’ll find her helping others who have taken her courses previously, or answering emails.

No offence to people who work long hours but she add’s a whole new dimension to the idea of a work ethic, and for those people who like to doubt other’s success and results there’s three small words that sum up just how she gets the results she get’s…

Hard Bloody Work

That’s the secret to her success pure and simple work, work, work and the passion and drive to go out there, drop out of her comfort zone and never say No, oh and been pretty damn good at what she does…

So for all of those people out there who might find themselves looking at a successful person, and trying to drag them down. Just remember one thing we all have 24 hours a day, we all have 1440 minutes in the day, we all have 86.400 seconds its just some people use their time better than other’s. Those people like Sheila who are fired by passion do what they love and wouldn’t live any other way. we wouldnt want her to be any other way, her passion, drive and energy inspires those who come in contact with her to always perform at their personal best.

I dont know about you but when you want and encourage those around you to reach your level that deserves respect far more respect than I could ever give to somebody who’s happy to sit and bitch about another’s success, while they cruise along,not putting in the work because what kind of example to your students is that after all…

And to those who say those who can do, and those who can’t teach, Sheila is the exception to the rule, she can and does.

So a huge Thank you to Sheila for every thing she’s given us, and an equally massive thank you and Congratulations to Rona Insch here’s to the three of us, we did it. like the three musketeers one for all and all for one.

Love & light

Andy x

If you would like to experience true passion, meet a person with more energy than the Duracell bunny and you are interested in finding about how hypnotherapy could help you or want to learn hypnotherapy then speak to Sheila Granger it will change your life. (but dont hang around she’s got a world tour coming up)…