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Usually when it comes to writing my blog I love it the words just flow from the end of my fingers straight on to your screen, not a problem.

But tonight I find my-self lacking inspiration I don’t understand why but there you are, I mean I shouldnt be in this position I’m studying hypnotherapy a subject that I love passionately and find endlessly fascinating, I’m planning on starting a new business in the next two weeks, I’m staying in Hull a city that I have loved since I studied quite near to here about twenty years ago, and if that wasnt quite mind numbing enough I am totally besotted with a woman I don’t really know, who works at the hotel I’m staying in, (Wont mention no names, but I broke the habit of a lifetime and gave her a valentines card) although whether she knows I’m alive is a different matter, you see ladies even some of us blokes worry, but other than that life is good.

So with all that going on how the hell can I lack inspiration.

Byron, Shelley, Tennyson you name it if they’d have had half as much going on as I have at the moment they would have knocked out a novel, 3 sonnets and a small volume of verse, just on that alone and still had time to hit the bottle or the laudanum.

Me I can’t think what the hell to say, I think I may have writers block.

I have to admit that sometimes I wish I was like some people who blog, whose only idea of blogging is just re-posting somebody else’s words.

I may be cheap but I have my standards, fair enough once or twice in your blogging career its a good thing,  pay it forward to the people whose writing entertains or educates, or just down right makes you split your sides laughing.

but if your going to do it at least make the effort, write your own original pieces sometimes, don’t keep bombarding your followers in boxes with second-hand word.

I have to stop following at least one person for this simply because in one day I got 103 email post’s from her page and not one of them was a piece of original work.

I don’t know about you but when I follow someone it’s because I want to know more about that person, I want to know what makes them tick, I really want to know if we could go out for a beer and not end up killing each other within the first half hour…

I don’t want to be bombarded by a constant stream of feeds, from people I don’t know, I’m all for getting to know new people and sharing information, I know that information is energy and its only really of any value when it’s shuttling from person to person.

I may follow your blog because I like what you personally post but I may not share your taste, I may not like what you like and if that’s the case, I really don’t want it clogging my inbox.

I’m trying to build a business, like many people on this site and when we open our inbox and find it tells us we have two hundred and fifty emails we want those to be from clients or perspective client.

I don’t mind one or two and  akaHIPHOP you can send me as many video post as you want their cool 🙂

But to the person who must spend all day on word press just re-posting other people’s blogs, why don’t you just write your own stuff, instead of borrowing other people’s I’ve read your own post before and it was great, but when my inbox gets filled with over a hundred post that are not even  yours, how will I ever get to know what you really think, what are your passions, your hopes, your goals, your desires.

That’s real, and that’s inspired…

And at the moment I need that, I need inspiration, oh but you know what thank you to you any way because, you inspired that rant, your reposting broke my writers block so thank you anyway xx

Love & light

Andy x