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Sorry in advance in case I upset anyone’s feeling’s or they feel I’m going over old ground, but has anyone heard any more news about the sick bastards, who killed that poor defense less creature.

I’ve trawled the internet and the news sites and they have nothing, not a thing, zilch.
but if that isn’t bad enough, instead you get a whole string of other similar cases that are all happening right now,

The worst thing for me Is since starting my hypnotherapy course and learning the few things that my tutor has been able to cram in to my head and one of the most important thing I’ve learnt is the ten basic psychological pre-suppositions.

I’m not going to go in to them now because that would be tedious for those who don’t need or want to know about them and for those who do.
you should be able to find them on the net or any good psychology, hypnotherapy or nlp book, because when you learn them they put a whole new spin on the world, were as the first time I saw that story the first thing that went through my mind was how could they do that, and actually I’ll never have the answer

now I wonder just what were they hoping to get out of it?

8, underlying every behaviour is a positive intent…

now please before you start filling my in-box with comments I don’t mean they thought it would be good for the dog, I just mean that the teens who did it knew they would get something out of it personally..

They could just be cruel bastards who get off on cruelty, they could be just be the latest wanna be you tube stars that we seem to here so much of now.

But what ever reason they did it, it’s there in their mind’s and I know that if they are ever caught and taken to trial.

Some lawyer will represent them it is their human right after all, but how the hell could anyone put a positive spin on what they did I can’t imagine, but I know they will try.

And I know there will be those who regardless of what they have done or how the other 99% of the population want to see that they spend the rest of their lives slowly rotting in jail, they will stand up for them and blame their parents or society or Vucko in fact it will be anyone’s fault other than their’s.

My own personal feeling are well I’m with the 99% who want to see them spend the rest of their lives in jail. Not just for what they have done but also for what they could do, because if that spark of cruelty is in there, and nothing happens to them this time, will they be satisfied with taking the life of just one defenseless creature.
or will they carry on mutilating other animals?
Will they carry on being satisfied with animal cruelty or will they have to look further up the chain for their amusement?

No one has an answer, not the lawyers or the social workers and certainly not me, but were as before I may have been happy with not having the answers since I’ve been learning more, I have more and more question’s…

And if we don’t get justice for a special dog, what happens next, when the next kid with a fire work, knife or a petrol can comes along and gets off on cruelty.

Whats happens next?

Sadly only we can decide, that’s why we need answers we need justice for Vucko and all the other creatures/humans who can’t fight back…

But the question we should all be asking regardless of whether you are a creationist or evolutionist.

Is What happens next?

With the constant rise of cruelty, that we see every day in the new’s then regardless of were you stand we can’t blame any one else for it, it’s happening and we have to stop it.
so whichever side of the fence you sit and I believe in evolution and to quote Chris Addison we really are.

the Ape that got lucky.

but regardless of belief’s we have to make a choice now and decide which path do we go down and can we really, really afford to take the next step.

Love & light

Andy x