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I haven’t seen the TV for nearly an entire week and when I listen to the radio its usually 4 extra, so I haven’t caught any news so it was only by catching up on twitter that I became aware of the sad news about the passing of Whitney Houston.

Now for anyone who knows me they know that I’m not easily impressed by celebrity and when most celebrities pass away it usually just goes right over my head…

Which was why I found I was shocked at my reaction to Whitney’s death, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never met the lady in the flesh although I would have loved to, but because of her music I felt she did at least know me.

Her music saw me through the most formative parts of my childhood. From my first crush, to my first real girlfriend, to that first proper snog all the way to popping my cherry.

I was having a bad time and her music would be there, and she must have known me because her songs said exactly what I needed to hear at the time.

Looking back I only have to hear a bar from her songs to be taken back to my teenaged year’s, Leona, Emma, Fiona all my memories are locked away released by her voice.

And not only that ask any thirty something guy and just see if he doesn’t have a slight grin as he thinks back to his favourite Whitney album cover.

It’s not just that she was incredibly good looking, and there is no denying it she was.

She could sing but that dynamite combination provided many a thirty something with happy memories for years to come and ask any one of us thirty something guys whether she was making the right decision marrying Bobby brown and usually the answer would be “NO” because deep in our hearts we knew that who she really should have married was us…

Not just the fact that she had the most wonderful soulful voice that made your heart-break just listening to her sing.

And she looked stunning, no if that wasn’t enough along came the body guard, who could ever forget Whitney in leather jacket and tight jeans.

and although  the mass produced s#@t like jedward, jls and subo seem to be on the rise real music still has its place and hopefully always will.

So it’s with no small amount of sadness and Whitney Houston playing on my computer as I write this. That I remember the many wonderful memories that her gifts gave to us in her far too short life, and with just a slight tinge of regret that I never did get to ask her to marry me.

And it’s with this thought in my mind that even though she’s passed away her many talents will carry her name in to the future, and thanks to the memories that her music created for us, that I know she will always be with us in our hearts and minds.

So to quote ABBA – Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing.

Love & light

Andy x