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Just in case you think the final screw’s have come undone, I’m referring to world-class wit and writer mr Danny Wallace, creator of such great books as join me and yes man.

And I have to admit that after spending so much of my time and speaking to encouraging and inspiring people including my tutor Sheila g and my class mate Rona, I have to admit Sheila’s right whatever it is have a go.
So Mr Wallace I accept your challenge, im going to spend the next year been a Yes man, for too long I have been held back by the negative.

So from now on for at least the next 365 days, as long as it wont injure any other living being then I’m a yes man.

No longer basking in the relative safety of sitting on the fence, or the life experience sapping effects of saying no.

So no, no more , it’s yes all the way, where ever that will take me, bring on the weirdness…

Love & light

Andy x