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excuse the line from the rock opera Tommy by the who but I couldn’t think of a better title, to describe how we all see the world.

Wow what a couple of hectic week’s, work and reading through my course manual, I don’t know about you but no matter how much I seem to read it doesn’t seem to sink in.
I’m loving the study but it doe’s seem pretty intense but like they say intense pressure and heat make diamonds, so by the time I’m a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, near the end of March 2012, I’ll be a real diamond geezer….

but following my last blog I’m going with the 1st law and calling myself a clinical hypnotherapist even though the only person I may be saying it to is my-self.

but a concentrated attention on what you want to achieve makes it so much easier to achieve and to be a clinical hypnotherapist and to help millions & millions of people is my new goal in life.

But with the laws of suggestion in mind I’m not going to try, Instead I’m going to just go out there and succeed. other wise the 2nd law of suggestion will just grab me by the balls and shake me like a rag doll, and that isn’t something I want to experience for all you visual people out there I’m deeply sorry for the unpleasant mental image you now have in your mind.

but I have to say that the one other thing my hypnotherapy studies have shown me is why me and my ex girlfriend never seemed to see eye to eye.

we were really just both speaking different languages, she was visual, like a good 60% of the population and I’m auditory like about 10% of the people on the planet.

yeah I’m weird and rare go figure…

but what does this mean?

for me it means I like people to tell me things and why I find it easier to tell people how I feel, when I close my eyes and imagine a beach a don’t see anything but I’ll hear gulls and the waves riding up the beach as the tide comes in. and my ex who was I have to admit a grade A bunny boiler would see a beach, see the sea, see the cliff and be there, and if she wasnt there, then the experience would be just like been in a cinema watching it on the big screen and she was Only happy if I brought cards and gifts and shiny things that she could see that meant I loved her, regardless of her attitude to my pets, Amazingly the relationship didn’t last.

so what I’m trying to say is that if you find yourself wondering why your other half doesn’t understand you regardless, it may be worthwhile just taking a minute to find out if they see where you’re coming from, or they may just hear what you’re saying but if your really lucky they could be feeling you…

Love & light

Andy x