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I have to say that what I’ve learnt on my hypnotherapy course has meant that I’ve been able to look back at my life and realise, so that’s why the shit hit the fan when I did that.
and so far the most important thing that I’ve learnt so far have been the three laws of suggestion.

And they are…
1 The law of concentrated attention
2 The law of reversed effort
3 The law of dominant effect

Now at the time of learning these, like any thing I learn at the time it didn’t really sink in mainly due to information overload, it was just something I thought I had to learn it was only after a whole week of having the idea, crash around inside my head like a pinball, that they must have crashed in to something important because suddenly it was like the dimmer switch in my mind suddenly turned up all the way to ten.

now I don’t really know what the idea crashed in to on its ever decreasing orbit inside my skull, but whatever it was something clicked, slowly I felt a smile growing across my lips as the light in my mind grew brighter and brighter.
Now I know some people have their Eureka moment’s but in my case it was more a case of “bloody hell that’s why that happened”.

As sound bites go eureka beats it hands down and it certainly wouldn’t get me in to number 10, but none the less for me it was a moment.
It meant I had just been able to get a small glimpse of why my life had evolved the way it had, and if I could get a glimpse of why then surely I could also stop my-self repeating my mistake’s.

1, The law of concentrated attention…
you get more of what you focus on, so when I was a chef working 99 hrs a week I would be so focused on working those hours, how difficult the job is and how hard the work will be.

So I got more hour’s, harder worker and my career became harder than ever.
When I was in network marketing I found it increasingly difficult to build sales and grow a sales network.
regardless of the product I was selling or the benefits the company offered, it seemed the more I tried to recruit a network the harder and harder it became regardless of the money, time or effort I invested in my marketing business.

Solution Change my focus.
If I had concentrated more on the time I had when I was not working or the people I had recruited and really worked harder on keeping my customers Happy then according to the 1st law I would have increased my network and my time off

2, The law of reversed effort…

The harder you try to reach your goal, the harder you will find it becomes to reach that goal.

When I was in network marketing and a big part of it is to build your network one of the first pieces of advice you get is tell every body within 3 feet of you about your products and opportunity.
there may be some people out there in blog land who don’t have a problem with that but it was never something I was able to do for very long without the feeling that I was starting to alienate my friends and family.

and the harder | tried the more people seemed to switch off, the more I tried to build my sales network the more people I asked, and exponentially the more people who said thanks but no thanks…
and so the more people said no the further and further away my goal became…
and the more desperately I began to fixate on getting sales, getting a network the harder it became.

Solution Dont try so hard
just roll with it let life just carry you along and allow yourself to reach your goals in your own time without forcing the outcome, if it isn’t meant to be, or it isn’t mean to be as soon as you want it.
regardless of what you try it wont happen…

3, The law of dominant effect…

Your emotions will always over rule your thoughts or your good intention.

this is the one that always get’s me in my mind I know that I should be going out on my bike even if it is a bit chilly outside.
my mind tells me that I’ll get some air, increase my fitness and get back in to shape.
and while I’m there inflating the tyres on my road bike, with deep heat on my thighs so I’m ready to go.

some where in the back of my mind my emotions which know that my illness was caused by a cold, and that if I get flu again I could end up in back in hospital.
so part of me is saying, you don’t really want to go out in the rain, have a coffee and a few biscuits, it might get warmer later, or looks like rain.

so far this is the one part that I havent been able to get a solution for but as meat loaf says 2 out of 3 aint bad.

Maybe I’d better go and see a hypnotherapist.

Love & light

Andy x