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I know it’s a weird Title, but the reason behind it is I just wonder why as a race not just the english but the entire human race, we like nothing better than trying to knock down the successful.

Now don’t get me wrong sometimes people do need knocking back when they become too arrogant and start doing things for the wrong reason, I understand that completely. But there are many other people who work incredibly hard, long hours, and in their lifetime they make a massive difference to the lives of those they meet and interact with.
and I know that as you read this that you know somebody like that. it could be a teacher, doctor, dentist, nurse or even a hypnotherapist…

They may not be as rich as Simon Cowell, but what the have they earn what they earn, without stitching up other people or ripping them off, and yet there are some people, a jealous few who don’t have the balls or the brains to go out make their own difference to the world and if they are reading this, and they know Exactly who they are, I don’t but they do, they are the sort of people who say your wonderful to your face and then try to steal the credit for what you achieve.

And unfortunately, I’m guessing that we all know somebody like that. now I’m not saying I’m perfect that’s something I wouldn’t even want to consider, I was pretty good at being a chef, and now I want to be a great hypnotherapist, and thanks to my mentor who is one of the good guy’s, the hard workers the trainers who like the rest of us has to pay the bills but also wants to help as many people as they can and I’m sure that out there, somewhere there are people who go around trying to take credit for her work as they do with others. You may have been a victim of this sad minority who want to claim responsiblity for your work without the effort.
A wise person once said the only place you’ll find success, before work is in the dictionary my dear, and unfortunately for all us mere mortals that is so bloody true.

And really the only reason I can think of why they act in the way they do, is just sheer good old-fashioned jealousy. like most 4 year’s old suffer, when they see a kid with a much bigger balloon and they want it and if they can’t have it they start to have a tantrum they cry they shout and dribble everywhere and if they still don’t get what they want they try to wreck it for every one…

now maybe when your 4 its cute and your mummy lets you get away with murder so you get given a balloon and maybe some sweetie’s but when you are above the age of hmm what shall we say, 6 or maybe 7.

it stops been cute and just becomes bloody annoying, so my advice to those who do is.

Stop it & Grow Up
In other words my dear its Sad and the next time you go shopping

but please dear readers don’t have nightmares, don’t lose heart. Because this sad minority don’t come out very often and when they do you can easily shut then up by giving them some shiny paper to play with and if that doesn’t work, then I imagine Super glue on the lips may do. But of course I would never condone such actions and I know that the fine people who read my blog would never dream of doing such a thing, well we may dream it but that would be all…

Oh and the Hypnotherapy training is going wonderfully My mentor Sheila and my course mate Rona are absolutely fantastic to work with and it’s a privilege to study with them both. The only downside is that when I finish in the after-noon we’ve laughed so much I get a pain in my ribs but you know what to do something I love with two such inspiring and dedicated people it’s a small price to pay…

Love & light

Andy x