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Ok so it’s day 3 of my hypnotherapy course and I’m loving it…
and today we got to hypnotize a person who wasnt on the course, that was a real brown trousers moment and I know that I rushed the interview part and got completely tongue-tied with the question’s, that Sheila had reminded us to ask so that we could gain the best idea of what the client’s need’s where and what the real cause of their visit was but the rest of it seemed to be ok.
Although I do have to admit that there were at-least 2 very good reasons for me not turning in to a puddle and running away screaming or having to sit in a corner hyperventilating into a brown paper bag, and before you ask, yes I have done all the above at various times in my life, not exactly the proudest moments in my life but experiences non the less.
the first reason as we are only on our 3rd day we were still using the script’s written by Sheila, so not much can go wrong when the words are written down by somebody who really knows what they are doing, you just switch to actor mode and instead of alas poor Yorick, I knew him so well and hope you don’t send the audience into a coma, you read the script, slowly and clearly and hope you do put the audience to sleep.
secondly and for me the biggest boost was when our Mr X walked through the door, and I was expecting a complete stranger, and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that I had already met him when I attended the virtual gastric band course in November and like Sheila, Trevor is such a friendly, and warm person any worries about flluffing my lines just evaporated like dew on a hot morning. and even though I say so my self thanks to Sheila’s training for  the last three days Rona and myself who are doing the course seemed to do alright, and yes our audience fell asleep, Hurrah.
it has to be said the course is pretty full on and both Rona & I are exhausted when we leave at 5 o’clock.
but I have to say we both have an incredible amount of respect for Sheila, who considering she has taught us all day long, and answered a million and one questions and listened to us both put each other under hypnosis at least twice a day without falling of her chair, then goes on to help more people by seeing clients. until late in the evening
now if the Oxford english dictionary ever need a new definition of dedication all the really need is her photo…

Love & light

Andy x

If your interested in finding out more about the Virtual gastric band finding out more about hypnotherapy or considering training to be a hypnotherapist, then Sheila’s a great person to contact…