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Ok well I realise, my 30 day challenge has gone pear-shaped but I do have my reasons, and I will still do thirty blogs, but it will just take a slightly longer time than the thirty days I had originally planned.
But I am now at least doing what it says on the tin, I’m finally a trainee, hypnotherapist and I’m loving it…
I travelled to Hull on sunday and amazingly apart from an hour and a half on a coach replacement service, listening to show tunes on radio two, the rest of the journey was great and went without a hitch, it is incredibly easy to slate british rail for its service but when it works, it works.
So monday bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even after having a few drinks on the sunday in a hull bar called Diva’s, I was ready to go.
One question?
have you ever met somebody and you’ve thought this person could be about to change my life, or in my case this persons going to change my life for the better.
well That’s what it feel like dealing with both my course mentor, Sheila Granger and the other person on my course.
the first time you meet Sheila you realise straight away how friendly she is and then when she talk’s about her business and the way hypnotherapy can change people’s life’s in such dramatic and wonderful way’s do you realize how passionate and dedicated she is about what she does, but not only that when you discuss her work schedule, you suddenly realize that here is a person with enough energy to power a small city.

And Seriously I’m not joking when you think about how much she has achieved, not only by helping people improve their lives but also training therapists, developing her Virtual gastric band system and not only improving the quality of her clients lives she also teaches her system to other therapists and then you consider the short time in which Sheila has done it in, it makes your head spin.

I know that to reach a high level in anything you wish to achieve in life you need passion, and energy and heres a person who has both of those in bucketfuls, and yet is still happy to share with you what she’s learnt works best from what shes done, and does not just give you the basics from a book and then leaves you to get on with it, unlike some of my trainers in the past

Now Im sure like me that when you were at school you had a favourite teacher and usually there was a proper reason behind it, maybe they werent that sctrict, perhaps they had to keep nipping off during lessons and let you get on with it or one memorable teacher from my school who just made us all laugh.
Now dont get me wrong we still studied if anything we studied harder because we liked the teacher and she made it interesting, and thinking back to my mispent youth, Sheila is just like that teacher, she gives us a huge amount of info but because of the way she does it, its not a chore and it seems to just fire up our pasion for what we are learning even more.

So to end today Id just like to say a massive thank you not just to Sheila but to all the teachers everywere, who make a difference to the live’s of not only their pupils, but the whole world, we dont really think of it at the time but afterward we do sometimes look back and think they really inspired me

Love & light

Andy x

If your interested in finding out more about the Virtual gastric band finding out more about hypnotherapy or considering training to be a hypnotherapist, then Sheila’s a great person to contact…