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Fast Forward ten years from my first perspective altering experience of reiki, to mid summer 2004

And after much searching on google for potential reiki masters I arranged to meet Trevor on a saturday morning for my level one attunement.

Leaving the house at 7am to make our 8am appointment in wivenhoe, the roads were quiet and it was a picture perfect english summer day, the sky was a deep blue with cotton wool clouds and it wasnt even raining.

I made it to Trevors house, which is a nice grey stone semi, on a quiet village road, at dead on 8am I locked Star the little citreon ax Id managed to blag for the day from my mum.

As cars go Star was truly 1 in a million, incredibly basic with no a/c, electric windows or power steering and the stereo used to turn itself on and off at will.

She’d also been part of numerous strange and wonderful experience for her drivers at various times and a general feeling of warmth.

At one  time after my mums first or second reiki experience she felt that she was being hugged, and in my own case, the electric’s completely cut out when I was traveling along a dark country road and just about to head in to a round-about, as soon as the car stopped over the line an artic came steaming across the round-about possibly the driver didnt realise the round-about was there or had a braking problem

after a few moment of shock the car started again.

you can imagine it was with no small amount of sadness that we had to part with her.

The door was opened by a tall sleder bloke in his mid to late thirties, he invited me it and over our first of many cups of tea of the day we had a discussion about reiki, the history, its rediscovery by Mikao Usui, and what the format of the day would be.

we moved in to the lounge to begin we started immediately by trevor leading me in a guided meditation, which left me feeling incredibly relaxed.

Trevor then invited me to sit in a hard back dining chair in the middle of the room, for my first attunement.

for your first attunement you have 4 attunementsI just relaxed and sat there with my eyes closedand at the given signal, raised my hands in the positions that trevor asked me to put them in out in front and above my head.

Like my first experience with reiki I was totally relaxed and sitting in darkness.

First I experienced colours and lights, and when my master did what he had to do to open my palm chakra’s I felt my right and then my left hand getting warmer, just localised to a spot about the size of a large postage stamp in the centre of my palms.

My left hand quickly became warmer than my right, the induction took less than 10 minutes, but what a 10 minutes.

After this I found I had developed an iincredible thirst, and had to drink quite a large amount of water, and felt a little light headed.

After this we covered what I had to know about self treatment with reiki, aand the basics of how to use it on self and others.

Then we moved on to for me what would be the most moving, and surprising attunement of the four, it started off normally enough.

and by now I was becoming accustomed to the lights, the colours and the sounds even the heat it created in my palms, I thought I was ready for whatever reiki could throw my way. As I sat there relaxed with trevor doing what he had to do to complete the attunement.

as before I got the flashing lights and the colours and then it whent black, completely and utterly black, I actually felt like I was floating in a void.

And then from the void there she was, Im not sure how I first knew she was there, I know that at first I didnt see her, for a few moments.

but I just had the feeling of no longer been alone in the void.

And then slowly as if she was been built  up from a misther facce was there, smiling at me from the blackness of the void, her long black hair pulledin to a pony tail at the back of her head. and her face was beautiful but not quite in focus, her black eyes smiling, calm and full of love and care.

her mouth opened as though she was speaking to me but unfortunately I was and still am unable to hear what she’s saying to me, I just sat there in the chair with my eyes closed trying to hold on to her image, her image lingered with me for as long as I kept my eyes closed, after trevor had finished the induction, it was with a feeling of grief that I opened my eyes.

We covered slightly more of the story of reiki, and the importance of 21 days of self tratment and de-toxification after the initial attunement.

We then started the third and fourth attunements of the day, each time I really hoped that she would be there in the void waiting for me, like some long lost lover. with each attunement she was there and with each attunement the image became slightly cleare and slightly larger.

I no longer just saw a haed and shoulders portrait but a full body portrait, as if my visualisation had gon from being a telephoto lens to a wide angle.

And there she was in a long red type dress or kimono, still talking to me and I was a more than little dissapointed that I could not hear her.

After the fourth and final attunement we sat and over tea we discussed how to treat others, Trevor lead me through a treatment on him. for someone who has never treated anyone with a energy therapy it was an increedibl feeling and quite surprising, I started at his head and worked down to his feet.

I experienced the heat in my palms even though I didnt put my hands on my master I could still feel a great amount of heat. and using my mind to balance the power drawn through me and balancing the energy in trevor.

it was when I got down in front of Trevors heart and solar plexus chakra and held my hand there it was a truly physical feeling that I really cant, describe properly.

the heat in my hands increased and it was like I was pressing against a solid wall, I held my hands there for a while longer and allowed myself to get used to the feelings going through my hands, it was then I noticed the vibration pulsing in my hands, steady but surprisingly strong epecially as I had my hands in fresh air. I noticed the scent of blossom in the air and thats when I knew she was with me, I asked trevor if he could smell it and he agreed he could and that it had been in the air for about the last five minutes, he had been waiting for me to notice it.

it was a strange feeling to feel like you are been embraced by somebody generating immense feelings of love, compassion and deep calm and yet not be able to physically see or touch them it was like she was a part of me that was missing and just guiding me, back along a path that I had started at some other time.

After this first treatment I did feel physically drained but  with an incerdible sense of peace, it was only while we were sat down having the last drink of water before I left that I felt comfortable mentioning her to Trevor.

and the feeling that she had embraced me while I was doing the treatment, thats when we got in to our conversation about guides, Trevor had felt her enter the room but he couldnt see of feel her but he had been able to sense and smell her presence.

but that I think is for another day…

Love & Light

Andy xx