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when I’m not putting myself in a trance or attempting to put others in to altered states and helping them to give up smoking.
I love Reiki, Ok now I know a few of you out in blog land will be scratching your heads and thinking.

Reiki, Whats that?

For those that have just asked that question and I know there will be some it’s exactly what I said when somebody mentioned it to me, actually I think I said huh what the f@#k’s that? I did say I have altered in the last few years living proof that if I can do it, anyone can.
Reiki very roughly means universal life force to paraphrase wet, wet, wet, Reiki’s all around me. It’s every where I go. wonderful anything you touch, see or hear has this energy flowing through it, from Poppy my cat sat next to me on the bed as I write this blog, to the materials in the laptop I write it on.
I have to admit that when I understood this it pretty much blew my mind an energy that wasnt electricity because it didn’t need wires and wouldn’t give you an electric shock, it’s just there doesn’t need power stations, and only works for the greatest good.
and the biggest thing for every one is its FREE, and we all like a bargain…

Reiki found me about 10 years ago when I was working as a chef I was working through a seventy hour week and I had pain in my back from an old injury. I was in the reception dosing myself up with pain killers and I was listening to a couple of my friends who are a couple and had just undertaken the start of their reiki journey.

they began telling me about the benefits of reiki and how good they felt and what it could possibly achieve, at the time I didn’t understand this eulogizing attitude towards what they had done, it would be two years before I did and it hit me in a bg way, but that’s another story.
So Elaine noticing that I was having pain and problems with mobility, asked me if I would be interested in trying reiki, now I admit that then in the early years of the new millennium I was not so fully formed or open to new experiences as I am now but I was quite desperate so I happily agreed.

So I followed Elaine’s instructions and sat in the chair as comfortably as I could make myself and closed my eyes, knowing full well that every one walking past were witnessing whatever was about to happen.
so I just sat there and breathed deeply and slowly, while I felt Elaine lay her hands on my shoulders.
At first I didn’t feel anything and by now accustomed to the darkness behind my eye lids. slowly and at first imperceptibly it felt like Elaine was really pressing me down int to the chair as though she was physically trying to push my in to the floor.
then I started to feel a warmth in my shoulders, it wasnt in the top of my shoulders under her hands it was actually inside my shoulder and seemed to be radiating out and down my back.
and then the weirdest part of reiki that I would never have expected in a million years, I had by now got quite happy with the darkness, but then I was suddenly experiencing lights and colours the first I experienced, and the only way I can explain what I saw was if you have ever driven through a long road tunnel in the dark and you look up (as a passenger) and you see the lights going past you and you hear a whooshing sound, it was that, bands of light seemingly to be passing overhead, and then coloured lights in sheets and small flower like explosions.
it felt like I was there for a long time but when Elaine told me to open my eyes it had only been about 7 minutes, but I felt relaxed, and the pain in my back had eased considerably it was although I didn’t realise it at the time a truly life changing experience.

Next Time I’ll tell you about my first footstep’s on the journey of becoming a reiki practitioner.

if your interested in finding more information about reiki there are some fantastic websites but the Reiki association seems quite good http://www.reikiassociation.org.uk/3.html

there are a number of good books available that you may be able to get  from your local library.

Love & light

Andy x

Day 2 and all is well, I hope you enjoy these jotting’s I would love to hear from all of you out there in blog land if there is anything that I can write about as long as I know about it or you would just like to say hi. It would be great to meet you xx