That was the last thing I remember on waking up from my fevered dream, I thankfully  hadn’t just found myself in some penal hell,
Sadly what I had done is agree with a friend that the thirty-day blog challenge would be a good thing for me.

I’ll admit that we had partaken of a few shandies when my friend and long-term drinking buddy suggested the idea in a slightly alcohol fueled moment, “Have you heard of the thirty-day challenge? I think so fancy another?…”
So as I headed to the bar to purchase further ale, well man cannot live on bread alone, or beer, I have tried the latter when I was a younger man and while waiting for the slow pouring of my friends pint of Irish I let the idea of taking the thirty-day challenge ricochet around in my head like some kind of bewildered missile.

we were however at least still reasonably vertical, although walking home we apparently resembled a fairly passable equilateral triangle, supporting each other as we walked home under the stars serenading the neighbour’s, wether or not they wanted serenading or not, everyone says it had to be seen to be believed, although I dont think the video has made you tube yet?

Well they do say that heat and pressure create diamonds.

So here I am head-ache firmly in place and paracetamol on tongue, facing my laptop ready to commence my thirty-day self-imposed sentence.

And Nothing, my mind has become a complete blank, the hundreds of potential masterpieces I had cued up in my mind have gone, Elvis has definitely left the building, even the smooth, cool sounds been poured out of my radio by the original fun lovin criminal Sir Huey Morgan don’t seem to be inspiring me today, if this was any other situation all I’d be able to do is shuffle from one foot to the other while looking down at the floor shamefacedly, It’s never happened before, honest…
generally I’m always ready with some banter, or at lest a banal comment or a fairly witty riposte, I then it occurs to me I’ve just become a victim of premature ejoculation, and on this our first date what must you think of me.

But maybe that’s the whole point of the challenge, maybe that’s why its going to be good for me, instead of just jotting down the first of many banal thoughts that enter my head and remove the situation vacant sign and then just randomly try to string them together.
I’m going to have to be selective and in the same way I did when I was a chef just pick the ripest, choicest cuts like the aforementioned king of cool Huey Morgan puts together his show, track by track and link by link until he’s built the whole three-hour soul filled extravaganza.
and if they make people laugh then so much the better, unlike other people I know who take the thirty-day challenge I’m not trying to sell anything, I havent published a book yet, I’ve not released an album or in the process of creating a movie, I can’t make you rich, successful or incredibly attractive to your ideal partner although I would love to be able to do all of the above, maybe I could help…

I’m simply doing this for the challenge and because I love writing, and just maybe what I’m writing may prompt someone reading it to think “He loves the sound of his own voice this chap but he’s got a point” even better it might just prompt somebody to create their own blog and inspire someone else…

Now wouldnt that be a fantastic world if every where you went people were finding inspiration from something written or made by another and perhaps if enough people got together maybe, just maybe common sense may just prevail, we could start to pull the world out of the quagmire we have firmly dropped it in, people and animals could be safe on the streets without the fear of being attacked by some vicious little thug with a firework and a mobile phone to make themselves in to a you tube superstar, and just maybe instead of the governments of the world saying we want this off you to pay for these, but just so we can afford it were going to take away this, this and this. and that will save us enough to buy a new missile system, which we wont be able to use anyway after we’ve made half of the Army, Airforce and the Navy redundant…

Because surely if I see something in the news paper or on the tv or internet and now causes on Facebook are wonderful and widely spread occurence, which the sights regular show some act of cruelty or hatred that makes my pulse rise to bursting point, and my blood boil, and my face turn a rather attractive shade of puce, then surely I can’t be the only one.

there really must be someone else other than me that wonders, what goes through the mind of these b@#”ard’s who perpetrate these acts, or wether politicians who pass the laws and have the final word could actually find their arse with both hands, sometime’s I do wonder if even that most simple of tasks is even beyond them.
Still that’s my winge over for one day, only twenty-nine more to go…

Love & Light

Andy x

If anyone who read’s this and cares about our fellow animals please take a look at the facebook cause Justice for a special dog…

I watched the video and it destroyed my faith in humanity that kids could carry out such an attrocious act on one of lifes fellow creatures, there is unfortunately no sentence that could ever make ammends for such an act of cruelty but maybe its about time we as a living spirit as a whole stood up and said enough’s enough, for years now our service men and women have been giving their lives to fight for freedom, for all, and surely that freedom should be for all iving beings.

And just maybe its about time we stopped the lunatics from running the asylum, and took back whats ours from the little and large thugs who think the world owes them just for been born and the idiots who make their livelyhood out of blowing smoke up their arses, and doing everything they can to keep them from serving the sentence they deserve, you can take human rights too far, we have to think of the rights of all creatures nuff said x