Sorry I’ve not been around much, I just wanted to share the wonderful experience I had when completed the first part of my training with Sheila Granger…

I know most people become a hypnotherapist first and then go on to further training, but no not I.
at the begining of November the first Friday of the month I found myself on a train heading to Hull. for me I was more than happy as I had originally gone to college near hull about twenty years ago  so it was like going back in time to my younger days although the journey seemed to take longer than I remember it.

Thankfully I have a good supply of books downloaded to my kindle so in between changes I was happily reading away snd just made the most of watching the country slide past as I went from south to north, I had forgotten how beautiful and how much I loved the countryside in the north.
I could feel myself unwinding as the miles clicked by, I reached hull and not knowing were the hotel Id booked was immediately went to the Taxi rank and asked how much it would be to oget a cab to the Ibis, only to recieve a blank look from the bemused driver.
who scratched his chin and pointed down the road, me been still slightly befuddled from the journey and just really wanting to get settled in for the evening I ask again the driver just looks, and points down the road again, I could take you and charge you but by the time we get on to the road, and through the traffic llights you could have walked there and I still have to charge you.. looking to were hes pointing I can see a modern looking square building with a red sign just past the mecca bingo hall, thanking the driver I pull my case with the wobbly squeaking wheel along the road to the hotel.
I dont know if you have ever stayed in the Ibis in Hull but I have to say for the price I paid it was certainly great value although next time I go Im not going to pay for the tv/internet package because it was just so bloody slow and you couldnt get tv…

So after my first night back in Hull in about twenty years, it was noisier than I remember it and I dont remember seeing mounted police which was a much nicer site than the usual battenburg cars I get screaming round were I live.

I got up in plenty of time to get money and find a cab to take me to the Village hotel.

it was a great cab ride the driver took me on the scenic route round by the humber and been one who love’s the water I was absolutely enthralled Id forgotton how huge the humber was it is an impressive sight. after raching the hotel and been guided up the stairs the first person I met was Sheila. the first thing I noticed was what a warm and truly friendly person she is, slowly other members of the training group came up many were already therapist and a couple were psychotherapists and I was initially worried that the class would be beyond my comprehension. all these other trainees who new what they were about and with much more hypnotherapy experience than I’d had we started with a quick run down of who we are and why we were there, and Sheila told us about herself and how she became involved in hypnotherapy, she a fascinating woman, and you can tell by the way she speaks about hypnotherapy just how passionate and dedicated she is.

She supplied us with course manuals and all the training material for the Virtual gastric band.

we discussed her system for the Virtual gastric band and the work that she has put in to create the system and get it recognised by the NHS, and the wonderful results that her clients have acheived. after lunch she brought in a client who was going to have the first session of the Virtual gastric band,  and the second session on the second day of the training….

for me it was fascinating to see and hear the way Sheila spoke to the client, her pace and tone of voice, as the session was taking place I found myself drifting away, and when Sheila suggested drinking plenty of water I found it quite amusing how me and one of the other trainees reached for our bottles..

it was inspiring to see how the client seemed to be when she left, she was so positive and that was the moment that I really thought yes this is what I want to do.

the next day after a brief Q and A about yesterday the Client came back for the second session of the virtual gastric band, and Sheila took her through the session this time including a small amount of parts therapy, it was initially a surprise to me that the client became slightly emotional but Sheila laer explained that this is quite a common part of therapy. she then went on to explain the other sessions involved in the VGB system and then in the afternoon we spent time discussing ways to develop a private practise and promote your business. if your a therapist and looking to include Virtual Gastric band therapy to your portfolio, or your interested in learning hypnotherapy or having a session with Sheila please take a look at her website
Sheila is such a fantastic therapist and a great tutor/mentor but she is more than this she is dedicated and passionate about her profession aswell as being a hugely generous, and friendly person.

Im now looking forward to doing my Hypnotherapy training with Sheila in January 2012…

And just in case your wondering even though I wasnt Sheilas client on the day and  have not had the full gastric band program it did seem to sink in and Sheila gave us a taste of aversion therapy in my case it was Crisp’s and savoury snacks and since november Ive gone from 14 stone 11lbs to 13 stone 8 lbs. my health goal is to reach 13 stone and it seems that from what Ive learnt with Sheila Im going to reach my goals…

Andy x

If your interested in finding out more about the Virtual gastric band finding out more about hypnotherapy or considering training to be a hypnotherapist, then Sheila’s a great person to contact…