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Here I am folks sat staring at a blank page on my computer I have the sound of running water in my ears with a constant back beat  in the background that sounds like the smallest truck on the planet ticking over and while I type Im seeing stars. flashing on and off like quazars.

No I havent just been knocked un-concious, for spilling coffe over a customer I am on the third day of my new adventure with the Mind-spa. Let me explain for those of you who are not familliar with this little gadget, gizmo call it what you will.

its made by AV Stim and its a little box approx the size of an mini disk player for those of us who remember such things before mp3 ruled the world.

it comes ith 2 sets of glasses and ear phones, all easy so far the glasses have led’s mounted inside the lenses around the eye 6 per eye.

1 pair of glasses have blue lights the other white, the blue one’s are to calm and relax and the white ones are to focus your concentration and energise you depending on the program selected, as your eye’s are assailed by flashing lights the machine sends pulses of sound through the ear phones and into your head its a constant repetative pulse, that varies in pitch and tone while the light correspond’s perfectly to the pulses,  simarlar to stage lights flashing and raniging in brightness with the sound.

I have to admit I have spent the last two day’s using the mind spa with the blue glasses with the dark cover over the lenses to calm my self and help me to sleep and I have to sat the results have been wonderful.

so far I have got to program 3 and I end up in a truly relaxed state, I just lay there and let the mind spa do strut its stuff and within minutes, my breathing has settledin to a nice calm steady rythm, my pulse has slowed and I feel calmer, much calmer as I normally feel when Im meditating, but it takes a much shorter period to reach that state, it does just what it says on the box and more so my mums is an avid user of the mind spa, as she has a lot of stress in her life and job and since the mind spa dropped through the door shes a lot happier and getting less stress with each use.

I not a psychologist or a neurologist so I cant explain to you how it does what it does and Im not an electronics genius so I wouldnt be able to tell you what makes it tick, but I am a consumer and I can tell you the results are wonderful and it does what it say on the tin.

the first six programs on the machine take you down through different levels of alpha brainwaves which is simarlar to light hypnotic trance.

the next six programs take you deeper and take you into a theta state which is deep trance.

the last three relaxation programs take you in to the deepest delta state and then it has three more programs that work to inspire you, focus your concentration and give you a boost, the last three stages it is reccomended that you use the white lights with the shades off so you can see through the lenses; which is good as I wouldnt be able to read the screen as I empty my mind on to the world wide web. not that my mind takes a great deal of emptying.

currently Im on program seventeen which is to create focus and it does even though having to wear my glasses on the outside of the lenses it definitely is not a look that I would like to foster but at least no one else can see me.

I have to admit that when I got the mind spa I was fairly sceptical but I am convince it was £209 well spent its been quite a long time since I have felt this stress free, and its early days I still have many programs and many experiences to have with the mind spa and I look forward to every one.

and if it can carry on calming down my mum after another stress filled day dealing with people’s problem’s then its all good.

If your intersted in finding out more about the wonderful mind-spa then please check out the website http://www.meditationsuk.com/ the chaps at the company are very helpful and when I rang up answered my questions and left me feeling confident about my buy.

Have a wonderful weekend keep calm and keep inspired Im sure Ill be back next week with more tales from the mind spa and the diary of a trainee hypnotist, and if you have any wierd and wonderful stories I would just love to hear them

Namaste x