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I dont know about you but Im always happy with the idea of getting something for nothing, it doesnt happen very often I’ll admit but when it does its a wonderful thing.

Enter  the Hypnosis Motivation Institue of America, http://www.hypnosis.edu/  fanfare.

Absolutely stunning fantastic lesson’s on internet video, with such a huge amount of content I have to have a lie down afterward, 7 lessons for free, thats right zip, zilch, nada nought.

So Thank you to a wonderful face book friend who is a highly experienced and knowledgable and certified hypnotherepist who reccomended the institute to me.

I have to admit when I signed up for my free foundation course I had apprehension’s well how good could something be when you get it for free.

To say I was blown away would be a huge under statement such a whopping understatement it would need its own post code, you get my point they’re not good, as that famous frosties tiger says They’re great…

So far I’ve only completed the first 2 lessons but I have learned more than the first four lessons of the course Ive paid for and you get your answers returned on line so its answered quick and you dont spend a week chewing your nails down to the quick wondering if that wonderful piece of prose that you called your assignment would past muster you just click submit and it straight back, 100% I thank you, hypno boy takes a bow.

So far Ive seen a great suggestability test, and three absolutely fantastic inductions by the course tutor Mr John Melton, and a fntastic q & a after the event but also its an actual class so his students are asking questions and because they’re in the same position as me or anyone else who’s looking to learn this wonderful art, they ask the questions that we would love to ask if we were there.

But its not only increasing my knowledge of hypnosis its increasing my love and view of it as a healing art in that it can help people, but hypnosis uses words to acchieve it, it doesnt require drugs or invasive surgery and no one is going to come at you with electodes and send a few volts through you.

No you just listen to my voice and let me guide you in to the hypnotic state, just let me help you relax and find yourself getting calmer and more peaceful, as sleep overtakes yo zzzzzzzzzz.

see I even put my self to sleep some day’s

I’m all for it after all I love words and I love the sound of my own voice once I start I have trouble stopping it all just pours out like some verbal oil slick.

Not the best analogy I know but its the best one I could think of. so there it is for all eternity, a discription of my voice being some what unpleasant and disaterous for the world ecology oh well.

But what else the tutur mr John Melton doesn’t just stop with the mechanics of the art he goes in to the details of how it works, how your minds works, the how and the why it lets you slip in and out of the wonderful state of hypnosis without you even realising it as you watch a movie, read a book or drive your car.

I know its a terrifying thought, that we may all be driving around in a trance but their we are, and theirs nothing we can do about it, but then I wonder I haven’t had any accidents so my sub concious must be a fairly good driver, so the question should be do I drive better in a trance or out of one hmmm.

He discusses real case studies that he has worked with in the past and the outcome of his work, and that of his mentor.

However another useful part, is in the breaks because you get to meet real graduates of HMI and find out their back story, and why the love hypnotherapy as much as they do, what they got from the training and of course what they get from their everyday lives as certified hypnotherapist’s and mostly they get the same thing as I get and imagine you get they love helping people whether its to loose weight, quit smoking, release phobias, or build confidence they love the feeling of making a positive diffetrence in that persons life which is what I’m looking forward to and learning more about hypnotherapy.

So Dear reader contrary to the widely held belief that you never get something for nothing I have to say that the HMI or Hypnosis motivation Institute foundation course is defintely the exception to the rule and I look forward to learning more with them in the future…

If any of what I have written today has inspired an interest in this wonderful art please take a look at the HMI website http://www.hypnosis.edu/ you wont be disappointed.

Oh and did I mention its free

Ciao for now x