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Now before I get on to why I suddenly got hooked on knocking myself out which is something I keep asking my self and dont really have an answer it just makes me feel great hypno man pulling his best Tony the tiger impersanation it has to be seen. I suppose we should talk about what the hell it is?

But first who’s ever been hypnotised?

Come on, hands up you know you want to, dont be shy ok no body huh..
Well we all have and before you start worrying about when it happened, what happened and just how the hell do I know that it happened.

it might help if I expain.

We all experience hypnosis in one way or another every day except we give it different name’s watching a movie, reading a book, playing the x-box or just driving home from work. maybe I shouldnt have said the last one I’ve just put up my insurance…
But there it is we spend our life drifting in and out of trance or hypnotic states quite happily just think of the last time you were watching a horror movie, you know the kind where the attractive twenty something heroine is in the kitchen and the lights go out, so she decides to go and check the fuses in the basement, and you start screaming at the tv. Because you know the chainsaw wielding mass murderer in the clown costume is down there with a full tank of fuel, but she doesnt or the days when you start playing Gran tourismo at 11.30pm for just half an hour, and the next thing you know the suns coming up thats always my favourite.
You might even have got into your car at work driven out of the car park and when you get home you cant rember anything about the journey (dont worry Im not expecting any body to admit to that)

So we slide in and out of hypnotic states all day every day completely oblivious, that is until a friend who maybe is a trainee hypnotist ask’s if you’d like to be a victim err subject.

Then you panic, the alarms start ringing in your head, your friend who up till now had appeared quite normal suddenly has horns growing out the top of his head and has designs on you money.

No I dont want to become a zombie, you could make me do anything you want and I’ll have no choice, suddenly all kind of dubious thoughts race through your mind and they all say this is a trick it cant be good, Ill end up dancing on a table while barking like a dog.
You wont although I have been in at least one party and seen that although it didnt require hypnosis. them WI parties can get a little out of hand. its not all jam and crochet.

The thing about hypnosis is its simple and effective, actually its so simple when I first started studying it I didnt believe it.

All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis

what this means is that whether you see a proffesional hypnotist or your friend to guide you into a hypnotic state its down to you.

We all have a sense of right and wrong and no amout of suggestion is going to make you do something that doesnt appeal to you, your sub concioous will just kick it straight to the kerb

This is what confused me when I first tried it and I could hear everything going on around me but I just chose to ignore it even the cat till, she sunk her claws in my leg.

So thats it if a stranger suddenly comes running up to you and gives you flowers he is acting on impulse and I havent just hypnotised him.

Ciao for now

Andy x